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Traditional Lebanese Desserts. *Available in sugar-free

Discovering Israeli Cuisine: After-Dinner Delights Namoura - Lebanese Semolina Cake | Recipe | Desserts, Semolina cake,  Semolina cake recipe

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Baklava (4 PCS)

Pistachio Baklava | Cleobuttera

Greek pastry stuffed with walnuts and drizzled in honey

Baklawa Diamonds* (6 PCS)

Lebanese Baklawa Recipe. Do you hear what I hear? - Rose Water & Orange  Blossoms

Arabic-style baklava squares stuffed with walnuts, drizzled in simple syrup and topped

Baklawa Fingers* (6 PCS)

Finger Baklava – FoodBoxx

Arabic-style baklava fingers stuffed with cashews, drizzled in simple syrup and topped with fine pistachio

Namoura (4 PCS)

Namoura | Official Palm Deli

Sliced pastry made of semolina drizzled in simple syrup and topped with an almond